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Property Management

We know the hassle and nuissance it can be to pay bills, deal with customer service, not to mention standing in lines or getting a repairman to your home. We figured why should the homeowner have to worry about that when we can do it for them and they can enjoy the finer things in life. As a result, we provide a variety of home care and lifestyle packages for homeowners to enjoy their time at Home relaxing and when away from the island to be without worry.

We offer 2 types of management services, Property Management for Rental Properties and Estate Management Services for non-rental properties. Both Services can be custom made to suit your personal needs.

Estate Management Services

Estate Management Services is for non-rental properties and for those homeowners/condo owners who do not want to be bothered with paying their bills, overseeing and maintaining monthly maintenance contracts and dealing with customer service. We act as your private Manager of your home, if you need anything you simply give us a call and we arrange it all. This way you are able to enjoy your retirement, vacation home and the family - life is too short and we let you enjoy! Contact our Property Manager for more details on Estate Management Packages and to discuss your custom package today.

Property Management for Rental Properties

As property managers, we will act on behalf of the Landlord/Owner and manage multiple aspects of the apartment. Our core duties include but are not limited to:

  • Act as a Liaison between the landlord and tenant
  • Collecting Rent.
  • Responding to and addressing maintenance issues of the tenants.
  • Marketing: advertising vacancies for landlords to minimize vacancies and maximize income.
  • Performing background checks on tenants.
  • Financial Reporting: preparing monthly statements for landlord (rent collected, bills paid, track income & expenses).
  • Payment of all bills landlord is responsible for (eg. Building utility bills).
  • Negotiate and complete the lease agreements

Contact us today to discuss a package that will suit you!

When a Rental Property is vacant, we offer Basic Property Management Services for Non-Rental Properties to ensure your home/condo is always well taken care of in our hands. It includes and not limited to:

  • Setup, Connection and Disconnection of Utility Bills or other ones that require similar procedures.
  • Payment of All Monthly Common Utility Biils (eg. Cable, water, power)
  • Payment of Yearly/Monthly Service Fees/Maintenance Fees.
  • Maintaining & payment of Lawn Contracts & Maid Services
  • Home Inspections and reporting any problems to you
  • Organizing and Arranging all showings of the home/condo
  • Market & Advertise the home/condo for Rent
  • Monthly Statements of all statements with detailed account of bills and payments.

While a Rental Property is vacant, we run the daily operations of the home as if you were here to do it. The monthly property management fee while a rental property is vacant is minimal.

All of Our Property Management Clients have the privilege of these services:
  • The Use of the Company's Post Office Box for mail, both private and personal mail. Private Mail will be available for pick-up at the office - the owner will be notified via phone call/email. Please note that Mosko Realty only will open bills that we are authorized to pay. All "private" (other) mail will be placed in mailbox for pick-up or delivery (delivery only available to Estate Enjoyment Packages). In the event a bill is delivered or picked up, simply let us know and we will pay it for you.
  • Available at your request 24hrs - 7 days a week.

Contact our office today to discuss the various property management packages available